aHEU supports companies that want to change.

We advise unbiased as to the result and at eye level, entrepreneur to entrepreneur, helping to self-help.

Together we take a close look at your company. We work out ideas and develop them further, create a conceptual blueprint in which, among other things, next steps are defined, possibly implemented with the help of aHEU.

Customers benefit from our knowledge and our network, as well as from attending relevant events.


Together, we develop a comprehensive entrepreneurial strategy that fits your business - whether you want to expand a branch of your business, reorient a business model, or enter a new market.

Practical examples


Together, we look at how to build and position your brand. To this end, we develop an expressive name, a coherent design, an appealing homepage, informative flyers, thought-out public relations, a tailored social media concept and further targeted advertising.

Practical examples


In direct exchange with you, we analyse your sales channels and evaluate them in order to then derive recommendations and, if necessary, establish new cooperations.

Practical examples


"Many marketing people have some marketing knowledge, but no clue about agriculture and craftsmanship. That's why I'd rather go to you than to someone to whom I have to explain everything from A to Z." (translated)

Hubert Stadler
Dairy Stadler

"We had a lot of fun working together. :) We were pretty exhausted afterwards." (translated)

Annette & Helmut Ostermeier
Ostermeier GbR

"Our workshop a year ago kicked off quite a few things and I'm always pleased myself how this has taken on a life of its own, especially by our trainees." (translated)

Xaver Dopfer
Allgäuer Oilmill

"Thanks so much for your contribution. I am so pleased we managed to do this and you have been more helpful than could have already been imagined."

Markt Titterington
Indigo Agriculture

Allgäuer Ölmühle
Hofsennerei Beslers Schwand
Holzapfel Gut Geratshof
Erich Klas
Hof Lange
Milchhof Lerf
Maschinenring Ebersberg
Ölmühle Wagner
Wetterauer Früchtchen
Ziegenhof Lenggries